JFK: The Ironic Curtain

In 1991, the News about what transpired in Dallas, Texas in 1963 arrived by way of Hollywood. This was again over twenty years ago. JFK’s murder is solved by virtue of the insistent lies told. The medium is the message. Churchill decried the Soviets for living behind an Iron Curtain. We by contrast live behind […]

How They Planned for Mass Hallucination

Part One:  You Are Getting Sleepy      I have learned from the study of Criminology of a form of murderer, often an old nurse, known as the angel of death type.  This case has been found an example.  Queen Elizabeth is the angel of death type.  So, we can be grateful to know for a […]

The Laurel Canyon Conspiracy

It’s hard to get word out about what really happened with so much hysterical, slanderous energy being emitted by the New York Federal Circuit while promoting both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. New York City media isn’t planning to take any chances on the truth about what happened getting around, but overall it is fairly […]

Frank, Anne Frank and Gail Zappa

When I lived in Seattle, I came there on the run from organized Gay violence  directed at me in the aftermath of Mt. Desert Island where their leadership cooperated in an AIDS testing war game shown to have been organized by murderers  who brutally tortured me and gave me a nerve agent.  While in Seattle, […]

The Warren Control Booth

I was asked by Kennedy Assassination Researcher Robert Stewart if I were influenced by the writing of Wm. Burroughs. I’ve read a lot of literature over the years, books that held my attention cover to cover, I’ve forgotten why:  Bulgakov’s Master and Margarita, Thos. Mann’s Dr. Faustus, Martha Gellhorn’s The Face of War, but I’ve […]